DoctorNow was founded in 2016 as a Hong Kong-based healthcare service provider using information communication technology and telemedicine technology application to provide accessible user-friendly and quality healthcare solutions on demand, with an aim to Change the Way Healthcare is Delivered as well as to give both medical professionals and service users an alternative to conventional medical practice.

DoctorNow is a fully integrated medical and healthcare concierge service provider which was established in 2016 by a group of medical and IT professionals who share a common vision – changing the way healthcare is delivered with the aid of IT and telemedicine technologies.

We create a platform to connect healthcare professionals with end users/corporate users of healthcare services, hoping to facilitate seamless and effective services ranging from medical consultation, diagnostic tests, check-up to health record management.

The co-founders of DoctorNow are medical professional from Hong Kong, who have in-depth knowledge of the medical field and extensive network with different healthcare professionals and providers. DoctorNow also takes pride in its in-house IT research and development capability.

DoctorNow is a founding member of Hong Kong Telemedicine Association.

Our platform facilitates the provision of the following healthcare services in a novel way:

• GP Consultation
• Specialist Consultation
• Imaging Tests
• Laboratory Tests – Traditional & DNA
• Body check-up
• Tele-Health
• Tele-Consultation
• Vaccination
• Health Talks
• Hospital Arrangement

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