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Be Innovative. Be Perspective. Be Authoritative. Be Quality.

The co-founders of “DoctorNow Group” are medical professionals from Hong Kong who have in-depth knowledge of medical field and extensive network with various healthcare professionals and providers. With a deeply rooted foundation in Hong Kong, DoctorNow aims to promote Hong Kong’s medical innovation and reform with designated services for different community groups, including the elderly living at home and/or the elderly homes, women’s pursuit of beauty, mainland Chinese visitors and the SMEs. In order to enhance the overall quality of our healthcare-related services, we utilize latest technology to improve conventional medical model and integrate medical resources more effectively to benefit more people. Based on our conscience, we provide a high-quality medical service platform for different social classes.

「DoctorNow APPS」

The first privately-operated healthcare APPS in Hong Kong applying ICT (information and communications technology) and telemedicine technology through our video consultation platform to provide users with easy-to-use and high-quality health care solutions. DoctorNow Apps also fully integrated with medical insurance and establish a new consultation experience. We aim to change existing healthcare model through IT and telemedicine technology to provide healthcare professionals and service users with a platform which could possibly replace traditional medicine.


Considering that our citizens may have financial pressure in handling medical expenses and the coverage of their medical insurances are not comprehensive enough, we launch an innovative medical membership - DOCTORZAVE to provide extra health protection for all the employees and their families in Hong Kong. DOCTORZAVE would not limit the number of usages and has no illness restrictions with fixed rate and no hidden charges. Our comprehensive medical network includes Western medicine, Chinese medicine, dietician, physical therapist, chiropractor, speech therapist, clincial psychologist etc. Member can select the services they require and receive the most appropriate and comfortable treatment.

「DoctorNow 医港通」

We provide our mainland clients with an one-stop cross-border healthcare platform that is comprehensive, authoritative, reliable, honest and trustable, with nearly 1,000 registered medical professionals in Hong Kong. We aim to promote Hong Kong to be a quality regional healthcare and medical travel hub. Our services include health assessment programs, video telemedicine, GP and SP consultations, top-level surgeries and so on. Our medical and consulting team consists of top-notch experts, senior registered doctors and consultants, and subject to a rigorous selection process. Our team will provide the most appropriate medical treatment plan recommendations according to patient's specific situation,. Based on our conscience, we do our best to satisfy customer’s needs as we care about every customer and every life.

「Clinique DeLight」

We provide one-stop medical beauty services and utilize high-tech invasive and non-invasive machines to help customers obtain the best cosmetic outcomes. We ensure that all the treatments are safe and reliable. Moreover, we believe that every customer's skin status is unique and therefore a standard treatment may not be suitable for all customers. Our professional team will conduct detailed skin analysis and evaluation to decide the most appropriate beauty treatments for our clients. We will also design and explain the most suitable treatment plans for our customer after we analyse the pros and cons of each treatment and listen carefully to our customer's need. Each treatment is conducted by experienced professional therapists and our clients can easily track their treatment progress. We will proactively discuss with clients adjust their treatment plans if necessary. Until now, m ore than 20,000 services have been provided.

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